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And If it wasn't for the music I don't know what I'd do, yeah

From all the ones next to you when you are top of the world Who's going to stand by your side when you just fall deep down into hell? Family? Friends? Your honey bunny? One thing is true for me: music is the one always will be there

That song that you cant help get out of your head, and that makes you losing yourself into memories of one insignificant stupid situation and makes you laugh. Or that sweet melody you hear when the cosmos put beauty on your way. The song that you start to singing in the shower, because you are so happy that your lover is in the next room after a hot night row. This is what it is about this blog.

I like to listen music of all kind: classical, latin, pop, rock, electronic, house, folk... There are moments in life than a kind of music will suits better, a song. Nowadays I am mad about and I can't stop playing the Live concert of Shakira DVD and because of my honey bunny El Canto del Loco as Eminem too.


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