21 January 2005

Serenade from the stars

Venus 25027, january 21st.

Space ship return to Earth from the planet CH-LLE, for a trial against me and my lover. We are now in front of Venus for a small ship reparation. It all started in a very casual way. It wasn't unusual find us at the module bar talking for hours about life, love and interstellar travelsDespite being twenty years younger than me we find a way to have a good time together

RRR was an engineer aboard, born and raised in a spaceship. As an interstellar ship captain, with many responsibilities and many lives in my hands,   I consulted our medical adviser, before started out,  but as he said my hormones were to blame.

Soon stories about the captain came out to RRR ears, some true, others without any basis, some come to power captain fame, others to discredit him. In two decades at the helm of this starship with 2000 passengers under my responsibility, crossing lots of galaxies you can imagine that I have tons of stories to tell.

Admiration soon led to a suspicion. Jealousy made a grand entrance. The apprentice wanted to be the master, and the story has not a happy endingWhat followed was fire, weapons, death. Now what awaits us is a ship prison in outer space

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